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Workers Compensation for Traveling Employees

Workers Compensation for Traveling Employees

Your employer’s workers compensation insurance covers a wide variety of potential incidents. Much of the time, this type of coverage includes injuries from all job-related activities, including work-related illness and travel. In all the possible scenarios that may result in harm to someone, those involving travel and vehicles are some of the most serious. However, when it comes to the logistical end of things, coverage for traveling employees can be complicated. Many jobs require some kind of travel in a company-provided vehicle, but what happens if you are injured while doing this part of your job duties?

It’s been estimated that nearly a third of all employees travel for work, and studies have shown that those who travel are more likely to be injured than those who don’t. Unfortunately, insurance coverage may make it harder to file and win your claim in this situation. There are a few things to keep in mind, if you travel as part of your job, or you’ve recently been injured while doing so.

Situations that are typically covered under workers compensation insurance include:

  • Business trips
    • If your employer sends you on business trips, you are generally thought to be covered the entire time.
  • Travel between job sites
    • If your work requires you to visit multiple job sites throughout your shift, your travel in between those sites is likely covered.
  • Travel IS your job
    • For anyone whose job is to operate a vehicle or other mode of transportation, like an airplane or ship, all travel is covered by the employer’s insurance.
  • Special errands
    • While your average work commute is typically not covered, if your employer asks you to run an errand for them, this falls under the scope of your employment coverage.

Most of the time, under workers compensation insurance, claims are handled as “no fault” claims. This means that, even if you were to get into an auto accident during your work duties, and it was your fault, you should still be able to get workers compensation for any injuries you sustain. There are exceptions to this rule, however- if you caused an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your employer may deny your claim.

In today’s economy, it’s common for employees to travel on company time. However, the insurance industry may be a bit slow to catch up to this reality. If you have recently been hurt during work-related travel, reach out to a qualified Sherman Oaks workers comp attorney right away. You’ll have much better luck with an experienced legal advocate by your side. Reach out to us at the Employee Defense Group today and ask for your free consultation to get started.

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