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Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Brain Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are complex and highly varied conditions. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can happen in a moment – but for some victims, it can change the rest of their lives. If a brain injury happens on the job, the injured employee should have their costs covered by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance. However, getting the benefits you deserve for a brain injury can be a complicated and frustrating process.

Brain injuries can be categorized as mild, moderate, or severe. Even a mild brain injury, such as a concussion, can have various symptoms that can impact your cognitive and physical abilities. A concussion should always be properly diagnosed, resulting in medical expenses, and might require rest and time away from work to recover, which can result in lost income.

More severe brain injuries can result in coma, extended hospitalization, and permanent impairments. Such impairments might include:

  • Difficulty with communication
  • Trouble with information processing
  • Slurred speech
  • Lack of balance and/or coordination
  • Behavioral changes
  • Lack of emotional control

Many people with severe brain injuries require long-term rehabilitation, and they might not be able to return to their previous jobs. All of this can cause immense losses for victims and their families.

Insurance companies might not admit the full extent of the effects of your brain injury, and they might try to deny you important benefits that you deserve. Having the representation of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Los Angeles can help ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

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