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Top 10 Most Common Jobsite Injuries

Top 10 Most Common Jobsite Injuries

While certain jobs are more dangerous, like construction or healthcare, people in all industries are prone to injury. Millions of employees file workers compensation claims each year, and there are some patterns to these types of claims. There are things that both employers and employees can do, to make the workplace safer for everyone, as many of these injuries are preventable. However, accidents do happen, and things like workplace hazards, improper safety training, and other dangers can contribute to your jobsite risk.

Here are ten of the most common workplace injuries:

  1. Overuse/overexertion

Many claims involve injuries caused by overuse or overexertion, whether that’s related to pushing, lifting, pulling, or some other motion.

  1. Slips and trips

When there are hazards like slippery floors, debris on walkways, or other dangers, employees are prone to slips and falls.

  1. Falling from heights

In some industries, job duties are performed from high places, like rafters, catwalks, or scaffolding. Falling from these heights can result in broken bones, damaged nerves, and other serious harm.

  1. Falling objects

Jobsites like warehouses or construction sites often include heavy or hazardous materials that may fall and injure workers.

  1. Strains or “reaction injuries”

Even if you don’t fall or break a bone, your musculoskeletal system is prone to injury when you bend, slip, or strain the wrong way.

  1. Machine-related injury

Large machinery is present on many worksites, and these can present serious hazards. Some workers end up entangled, caught, impaled, or crushed by machinery or related parts.

  1. Toxic exposure

Whether you are in a medical office, a chemical plant, or construction site, there are fumes, debris, gases, dusts, vapours, and other dangers in the environment. These can cause both, acute and chronic injury.

  1. Vehicle accidents

If you are in a vehicle, or around vehicles, for your job, you may be hurt from collisions or accidents. These include trucks and vans, but also forklifts and other job-specific vehicles.

  1. Walking into objects

Some common injuries include those that come from accidentally walking into objects like walls, doors, machinery, and other obstructions.

  1. Violence

It may not happen often, but when it does, jobsite violence can have serious consequences. These kinds of claims often include physical altercations between coworkers, typically with injuries to the face, hands, or other areas.

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