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Possible Missteps During the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

Possible Missteps During the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

If you sustained a workplace injury, you should expect to file a workers’ compensation claim and start receiving benefits for your medical expenses and lost wages. However, not every claim goes smoothly, and there can be issues that arise, causing delays and denials. Some claim issues result from missteps by claimants, especially those who do not have the representation of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sherman Oaks.

The following are only some examples of possible mistakes you might make that can jeopardize your claim and benefits. The best way to avoid these is to seek help from the right law firm that defends the rights of injured employees.

Not reporting your injury – It is important to report any work-related injury to your employer as soon as you can. If you cannot do so before you receive treatment, you must inform the company within ten days of the injury, and you should file your claim within 60 days. If you miss these deadlines, it can be difficult to receive benefits.

Not getting or following treatment – If you do not get a timely diagnosis, your employer might challenge whether your injury was work-related or caused by something that happened outside of work. If you do not follow treatment recommendation plans, your employer or the insurance company might claim that your injuries are not as serious as you state they are.

Not keeping proper records – You should have records that show all the medical treatment you received for your injury, as well as all the time you missed from work due to your injury. Other parties might have incomplete or inaccurate records, so it is important to have your own, as well.

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