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How Does a Pre-existing Condition Affect a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

How Does a Pre-existing Condition Affect a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Most of us have had some type of injury in the past, and the effects of certain injuries may be lingering. If you hurt yourself at work, a pre-existing condition may complicate your workers’ compensation claim. If you had an injury before a work accident caused new injuries or aggravated old ones, you should seek legal assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney right away.

There are different situations in which a pre-existing condition may be an issue in your claim:

  • You had a previous injury that had completely healed, and your workplace accident reaggravated the same type of injury again.
  • You had a previous injury and still have some symptoms, and your workplace accident significantly worsened the injury and symptoms.
  • You had a previous injury (whether or not you still have symptoms), and your workplace accident caused an unrelated injury.

In the last scenario, your prior injury will likely have a minimal effect on your claim. However, if your prior injury and new injury affect the same part of your body, the workers’ compensation insurance company will almost certainly try to limit your benefits based on your pre-existing condition.

Workers’ compensation will only cover injuries that occurred in the scope of your employment. It can sometimes be difficult to separate the effects of your prior injury and the injuries caused by your workplace accident. You need the right doctor who can support your injury claims and the right attorney who can fight for the benefits you deserve, even if you had a pre-existing condition.

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