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Burn Injuries On the Job

Burn Injuries On the Job

Many jobs pose the risk of burn injuries from various types of accidents, though no matter how your burn happens, it can change your life in many ways. If you suffered a burn injury at work and need medical treatment, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sherman Oaks right away.

How Burns Can Happen at Work

There are many ways to sustain serious burns, most of which do not involve flame or fire. Some common ways that people might suffer burns at work include:

  • Contact with hot steam
  • Contact with toxic chemicals
  • Contact with hot surfaces
  • Electrical accidents
  • Explosions
  • Grease fires in kitchens

These can all result in burns, which can vary in severity.

Different Categories of Burns

First-degree burns generally only need first aid, though you should give the burned area time to recover. Second-degree burns should get medical attention, especially if they are more than two to three inches wide. This type of burn damages multiple layers of skin, and the risk of infection exists.

Third-degree burns damage all layers of skin, and some burns even go through and damage muscle, soft tissue, or bone beneath the skin (sometimes called fourth-degree burns). Victims of burns of this severity often go into shock, and they need emergency trauma care. Some people must spend time in a burn unit or center for infection control, proper wound care, skin grafts and other surgical procedures, and more. These burns often leave victims permanently disfigured or even disabled.

Learn How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Sherman Oaks Can Help

Burn injuries can be devastating and costly. It is important that you seek the full workers’ compensation benefits you deserve for your medical treatment and disability benefits. The Employee Defense Group is ready to help, so please call 818.334.4870 or contact us online to speak with a Sherman Oaks workers’ compensation attorney today.

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